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Please read through some of the most common questions we get asked here at Aquarium Leasing Specialists.
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Have a look at our rental options and see if there is a style you like. Book a site visit by Michael and he will help you select the right aquarium for your space.

If you select one of our standard aquariums we have in stock we can usually install within 14 days. If it is a custom built aquarium it will take 4-6 weeks for your aquarium to be built.

We have aquarium technicians available from 6 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday to clean aquariums.

We own all rental aquariums and there is a fixed monthly fee for rental. Service aquariums is when we clean your aquarium for you. Price can vary if you need any equipment replaced.

We have a call out service and will remove dead fish from aquariums Monday to Friday. However if you are able to remove the fish we would appreciate it.

We install child proof locks in child care centres and aged care homes where it is needed.

We service Melbourne metro and across Victoria.

We supply gold fish, tropical and salt water fish depending on the type of aquarium you have.

Our aquarium technicians wear face masks and use hand sanitiser. We do not attend work sick and have regular temperature checks. We disinfect the outside of your aquarium before and after cleaning it. Full PPE can be worn at high risk sites.

Aquariums get algae when they are getting too much light. Don’t put the aquarium in front of windows. Reduce time aquarium lights are on if the tank is getting algae.

Yes we will clean home aquariums. Contact Us to make a booking.

We will schedule aquarium cleans to suit client needs. We use a modern scheduling and service system so that we can optimise our visits to you.

Call us on 0408 134 005 and we will attend ASAP to help you.

No please do not move aquariums yourself. We will book a suitable time and move it safely for you.

We would appreciate 14 days notice to move an aquarium.

No worries. Please contact us at anytime and we will sort out whatever you need.

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