Aquarium Maintenance & Cleaning

We provide reliable aquarium maintenance services. Let us do all the work for you, so there is nothing for you to do except sit back and enjoy your aquarium.

ALS Maintenance Services - Custom Aquarium

All fish tanks require regular care in order to preserve their beauty and health.

Fish give off waste products (ammonia) which, if unattended, will quickly poison all occupants. Filters manage this waste problem by converting ammonia to nitrite (still deadly) then nitrate (arguably non-toxic). Sounds good – but if the filter is not routinely managed it will not do its job and will eventually give off toxic waste itself.

Also, did you know the aquarium water’s pH alters as time progresses? These shifts must be monitored and regulated.

If left unattended your fish will eventually be swimming in acid!

But even with the filters and water parameters under control, waste and toxins will still accumulate in your aquarium with time. They must be removed by partial water changes – regularly.

Your aquarium’s equipment is mechanical. Lights, filters, heaters, pumps and feeders all fail at some point in time. They need to be checked, cleaned and adjusted regularly. Gravel accumulates toxins. It needs to be cleaned.

Essential water elements are constantly being consumed by your aquarium inhabitants. They all must be replenished.

All of these fish tank tasks, plus generally cleaning up, needs to be done regularly. But, with the best of intentions, many aquarium owners ignore their duty.

Aquarium Maintenance - Clown Fish

This is where Aquarium Leasing Specialists can help

We also provide aquarium servicing and cleaning for clients who own their own aquariums.

We clean freshwater, tropical and saltwater aquariums.