About Aquarium Leasing

Aquarium Leasing

Leasing has fast become an effective means for a business to manage its cashflow.

Consider the tax advantage – the rental is usually an immediate office expense. And you do not end up with a paper asset which you then have to depreciate. Nor do you end up with an asset to dispose of when you eventually move or renovate.

Renting can save money too! It is insurance against the loss of expensive fish – for whatever reason. A two metre aquarium can easily house hundreds of dollars of plants and fish. Even more for salt water aquariums. And you will never need worry about the cost of replacing filters, lights, heaters, pumps and consumables. You will not need water test kits and treatments which other aquarium owners need.

Long Term Hire Available

When you lease an aquarium it includes:

• The Aquarium
• All equipment
• Fish
• Automatic lights on timers
• Automatic Fish Feeders
• Fish Food
• Monthly Aquarium clean
• Emergency call out service

Whether you like goldfish, marine (reef, salt water), or tropical fish, whether you desire a feature display, a fish tank for relaxation, or simply a soothing water feature, we can make your aquarium experience simple and hassle-free.

There are no additional costs and there is nothing left for you to do except enjoy your aquarium – a rental and maintenance package from Aquarium Leasing Specialists does it all for you!

We lease aquariums to aged care, hospitals, medical suites, schools, kindergartens, offices, businesses and private homes. We can also custom build an aquarium to your specifications.

Long Term Aquarium Hire
Long Term Aquarium Hire Square


Have a look at our many rental aquariums and see if there is a style you like. Book a site visit by Michael and he will help you select the right aquarium for your space.

We supply gold fish, tropical and salt water fish depending on the type of aquarium you have.

Our aquarium technicians wear face masks and use hand sanitiser. We do not attend work sick and have regular temperature checks. We disinfect the outside of your aquarium before and after cleaning it. Full PPE can be worn at high risk sites.