The Block

How Aquarium Leasing Specialists were invited into

As seen on The Block

One fine Saturday in early March 2013 The Block contacted our Manager with a sense of urgency. The Block had scheduled a typical “The Block Challenge” the next day (yes – Sunday) and needed help.

The Block’s challenge scene was set in a time-out room for new mothers – a place called “Tweedle”. The room had to have an ambiance of soothing peace and quiet. What better item to help set the scene but a graceful, colourful aquarium.

Once The Block described the scene and the ambiance, our Manager knew they had to have our flagship aquarium, 2 metres tall but only 45cm wide, large colourful goldfish swimming up and down, bubbles from bottom to top and tall coloured plants fixed at the bottom and touching the surface. What’s more, we could set it up on site for The Block in only 1 hour!

Sunday came quick. The aquarium was installed within 1 hour as promised, even amongst the hurried bustle of sound, lighting and film technicians. And from reports within The Block, a job well done.

Just like The Block, you too can have this stylish aquarium in your work space or home. We take away all the worry of running a happy healthy aquarium.

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